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We Wish to Acknowledge...

The development of the Fair For Rare Campaign has been guided with input from a Working Group of Rare Disease patients and patient advocates.

Working Group

  • Jackie Barreau
  • Helene Freyne (Muscular Dystrophy Queensland)
  • Sarah Gray (ausEE Inc)
  • Amy Mills (Rare Voices Australia)
  • Deborah Robins
  • Amanda Samanek (Genetic and Rare Disease Network)
  • Denis Strangman
  • Clare Stuart (Tuberous Sclerosis Australia)
  • Chris Walker (Parenteral Nutrition Down Under)
  • Ken Wibberly
  • Nicole Millis (Facilitator – Rare Voices Australia)


Rare Voices Australia would like to thank and acknowledge the following sponsors for their financial contribution to Fair For Rare.